5+ The Best Whats In Your Phone Game

5+ The Best Whats In Your Phone Game

5+ The Best Whats In Your Phone Game. Download your free “what’s on your phone?” game card down below. Have your guests check off the items they have in their phone and add the total number of points.

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It is with your cell phone this time, and the game is called, what's in your phone? Just click on the thumbnail image of this game and a bigger printable png image will open up, right click and save that. So for this birthday party game, everyone just needs the printable game along with a pen or pencil and their phone.

Just Click On The Thumbnail Image Of This Game And A Bigger Printable Png Image Will Open Up, Right Click And Save That.

You can also play it in a different way where the host will call out the things and ladies will write their points in a plain paper if they have the called out items in their phone. Guests need pens or pencils? To ensure fairness, guests need to.

Ask Them To Calculate Their Points.

I recommend printing one sheet off for every player. The game cards with tropical leaves in both green and gold. The lady who scores maximum points will be the winner of this lucky game.

Your Smartphone Is Really Dirty.

This graduation party is saved in your calender Some prompts allow players to earn multiple points (1. Ask your guests to check the boxes which are right.

1 High Resolution Pdf Sized 8.5” X 11.

Play this game with your family and friends at your bridal shower or wedding shower by having your guests find the list of items on their phone. You wont get a good copy. Hand game sheets to each attendee.

The Person With The Most Points, Wins!

This game is bound to bring about some laughter and amazement as women scramble to locate what’s on their phones. You have at least 1 education related application; You have a black phone case;

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